How it Works
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  1. Fundamentals.
  2. Financials.
  3. Transaction.
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Data Processing
Algorithm crunches data with feeders of art, science and machine learning.
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Price Discovery
Calculates and displays equity value.
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Report Delivery
Delivers one pager report including valuation, cap table, analysis, and more.

What is the fair market value of your business?

Valuation Platform

Support your business valuation with a defensible one pager report

Get insights about your financials & valuation


Universally accepted valuation methods.

Any Industry. Any Size. Any Country.

Correlated to world markets prices.

Pre-Post Money Fully diluted Cap Table.

Fully loaded Financial Model for early stage.

Ready-to-pitch Investor Deck.

Valuation Consulting.

24/7 Support.

Set the watermarks on equity dilution with investors


+30 data points over 3 sections to fill out in less than 10 minutes.


Starting from $99 for entrepreneurs.


Pledge to (i) maintain Fair Market Value principles in core algorithm (ii) Never issue investment opinions (iii) Refrain from conflict of interest scenarios.

Negotiate deal terms on fair market grounds

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Largest VC Fund Manager in Morocco

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Largest Public-Private Incubator in Morocco

Fintech MatchMaking Platform, owned by KPMG

SBC Fintech Dubai Acceleration Program 1st cohort.

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