Our Story

20 years strong in the investment & finance industry, half in corporate, half in entrepreneurship over 3 continents. Been across the board in forex, equity capital markets, structured finance, investment banking & private equity. I delved into technology out of passion for automation and error proof delivery, but mostly out of a basic need to run my boutique M&A firm straight from my bed with my iPad, suffering from a severe lower back herniated disc, post a football game trauma. This painful experience along with the structural inefficiency observed in the early stage financial intermediation were for me, enough motivation to disrupt the corporate finance consumer experience, from the ground up. Long story short, InstaVal was born.

Akram El Youssi

Our Mission

We’re living amazing times. Humanity has reached an age of abundance of technology, capital and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to connect the dots, for the promotion of equity investments in startups and scaleups.

Our Vision

We nurture a singularity vision whereby the venture capital industry is re-imagined and redesigned with the leverage of technology, data and artificial intelligence.

Our Team

Akram El Youssi

Founder & CEO

Akram brings more than 20 years of financial domain expertise to InstaVal. Leading the company vision as a platform to promote equity investments in Startups & SMEs. Akram has held senior roles in investment banking & private equity.

Ashveena Ankammah

Partner & CMO

Coming from a legal background, Ashveena synergises her study of behaviours, triggers and analytics along with her “center-brain” mindset and approach to seamlessly articulate the demands of InstaVal’s customers and drive growth. She also heads our Africa market.

Pasquale Goder

Partner & COO

Pasquale commands the operational efforts at InstaVal, handling strategic decisions surrounding that epic job. His extensive experience in 3PL Logistics and SaaS Solution are just perfect to drive and scale up the organization.

Hicham Lahlou

Executive & Advisor

Hicham drives the articulation and activation of our strategy and operating model to achieve our vision, leveraging 20+ years experience in financial services, management consulting and digital transformation across top tier institutions.